Paint Protection

Are you like most people, and don’t want your car’s paint to ever change? If you want it to look the same as when you first bought it, you have to go with our Paint Protection Films.

From the best

Our Paint Protection Films come from the best of the best! We searched all over the world for the purpose of specifically choosing the finest products that will provide you with the protection your car’s exterior needs.

Protection and resistant

Our Protection Films are durable and abrasion resistant. No need to worry about those flying rocks or minor scratches. This film will give your car’s paint the ultimate protection.

With over 45 years of combined experience manufacturing, selling and installing Aliphatic Urethane Films, Matrix Films has extensive knowledge in the resins and processes used to manufacture paint protection film.

Our headquarters is located in the heart of Massachusetts, 30 minutes from Boston. All US training classes take place here, along with sales, marketing and support. A mobile crew is also on hand and is responsible for producing CAD files for all of today’s vehicle templates used in the PremiumShield Cut Studio.